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What's New?

We won't be having a August meeting due to the Robin Shewokis Enrichment Seminar at Kiko's Toy Chest in Tacoma, Wa.  And the eclipse happening in Oregon.  

Next Meeting will be on Sept 17th.  Due to our normal meeting location at the lawn bowling building being unavailable, we will be holding this meeting at a different location to be determined.  Due to popular demand, our September and possibly October meeting will be toy making.  See you then.  

We have a new mailing address
PO BOX 75393
Seattle, WA 98175

The weather is getting warmer which means more birds are escaping.  If you find a bird, please check our lost and found link, craigslist or parrot 911. If your bird is lost, please call Carla at 701-369-BIRD (2473)


We are happy you found us and would like to extend an invitation for you to join our society of parrot-crazy folks!

Founded in 1979, the Northwest Exotic Bird Society (NWEBS) is the oldest bird club in the Puget Sound area. Our mission is the promotion of responsible aviculture, education and support for exotic bird owners and breeders. NWEBS meets monthly in Seattle presenting speakers, activities, and events on a wide-range of bird topics and publishes a newsletter quarterly. NWEBS is also the Washington State affiliate of the American Federation of Aviculture (AFA).

If you are interested in parrots and pet birds, come on down. We would love to meet you!

We meet in the Lawn Bowling Building near Greenlake in Seattle on roughly the 3rd Sunday of every month. Check out our Calendar for upcoming events.

Featured Flock Member

Bird Name : Ruffles 
Species : Blue and gold Macaw
Native Habitat : South America
Owner : Zoey V.
Age : 21
Favorite Food : Pistachios
More about Ruffles : Raised from a baby, Ruffles turned 21 in May but still enjoys to be spoon-fed. She really loves pistachios and if she doesn't get one or two during feeding time she gets grumpy! She listens to the radio when we're out of the house and she likes the new hits.Always a star, she talks and makes kissing sounds.No matter how old she is she'll always by my baby bird! 
She's not afraid to get into things and she also loves chewing on anything she can get her beak into, like a nice fresh pizza box.  

Lost + Found Birds

If you have lost or found a parrot, please be sure to post a message on 911ParrotAlert, Craigslist for your area, put up posters in the area where the bird was lost, and also be sure to contact us and check our lost and found forum for assistance.  

Adopt a Bird

If you are thinking of getting a parrot, please consider adopting! Contact us to find ones that are available and check the "Adopt A Bird" section in the Forums.